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Mobile Surgical Medium C-arm X-ray Machine C-arm System

Mobile Surgical Medium C-arm X-ray Machine C-arm System
Detailed description


Mobile surgical medium c-arm x-ray machine c-arm system       

Landcom mobile surgical medium c-arm x-ray machine c-arm system model LD-7000A is widely used in Department of Orthopedics, Department of General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology Surgery, Spine Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Department of Pain Treatment, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Operating Room, etc. 



1. High-power, micro-focus and high-frequency generator optimize digital images.

2.  Intelligent control of exposure makes low dose.

3.  Many operating modes meet various clinical needs.

4.  Muti-leaf and vertical light control reduces soft X-ray and the skin dose effectively.

5. Imported well-known image intensifier and full-digital CCD camera provide high-quality and high-resolution images.

6. Dual high-resolution LCD monitors assure image quality.

7. The powerful digital graphic workstation supports DICOM 3.0, the registration of worklist and manual registration.

8. Workstation has the function of high-capacity digital storage. Fluoroscopy and digital spot film are stored in lossless digital format. It has powerful processing capabilities like edge enhancement, gamma correction,multiple images, movie playback, window width/level, template experts, burn, etc.

9. Four-D electric motion control, accurate positioning, flexible and comfortable control, large frame design provides lager diagnostic spaces and comfortable surgical environment. New design and new ideas brings superior experience.

10. Two panels of human graphical LCD touch screen provide intelligent and convenient operation. Dual motion control system and double foot brake make this machine greatly meet the demands of clinical operations.



1. Four-D electric super-power isocentre mobile C-arm main frame. 1 set                                                                                

2. Combined high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator and high frequency inverter power supply. (6.0kW, 60kHZ, 125kV) 1set                                                                       

3. Toshiba 9 inch image intensifier. 1 set                                                

4. Medical million-pixel ultra-low illumination digital camera. 1 set                          

5. Digital Data Acquisition and Processing System. 1 set                                 

6. Imported dense grain grids.  1 set                                                     

7. Electric adjustable collimator.  1 set                                                  

8.19 inch LCD display.  2 sets                                                          

9. Hand held controller.  2 sets                                                           

10. Human graphical LCD touch screen. 2 sets                                            

11. Foot brake for exposure. 2 sets






Electrical Performance

High frequency inverter power supply

Power output: 6.0kW    Inverter Frequency: 60 kHz

Automatic &Manual Continuous Fluoroscopy

Tube voltage:40kV~125kV  adjust continuously

Tube current:0.3mA~4mA      adjust continuously

Automatic &Manual Enhanced Fluoroscopy

Tube voltage:40kV~125kV     adjust continuously

Tube current:0.3mA~8mA      adjust continuously

DSI Digital Spotfilm Imaging

optional 1-5  

Photography tube voltage tube current

40kV~125kV   120mA

X ray tube

X-ray tube special for high frequency

Rotary anode focus 0.3/0.6 mm

Anode thermal capacity:212kJ



Image Intensifier

Toshiba 9" image intensifier

CCD camera

Medical million-pixels ultra-low illumination digital camera


Real-time acquisition、up and down image, left and right image、continuous adjustable recursive noise reduction,、many images storage、image patching,、LIH (last image freeze)


19 inch LCD display

Workstation software

Lossless storage,multi-image display, Image W/L real-time adjustment, grayscale conversion, interest area balance, Gamma correction, reversal, noise reduction, enhancement, smoothing, sharpening, compression, enlargement, measure, mark, image & document report printing& typeset, Expert template,Dicom image sending, Dicom image print, movie playback, image record, worklist registration, etc


Direction wheel and main wheel

Direction wheel can rotate in any direction,main wheel±90°


Forward & backward 200mm by electrical power Revolution around horizontal axis: ±180°. Revolution around vertical axis: ±15°

Slipping on orbit: 120°(+90°~-30°) The up and down electrical stroke of pillar is 400mm.

SID:1060 mm  C-arm open distance:860 mm    

  Arch depth:700 mm



Products’ warranty period is 1 year from the goods delivery.  


Our certificates are as below





1.More than 20 years for manufacturing medical equipments.

2.Tsinghua technology forges the brand of Landcom, and Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and 

Northwest University are the backbones of Landcom R&D center. 

3.Landcom joined Chinese medical instrument industry association and Chinese automobile industry association,

 and became one of the directors. 

4.Landcom passed ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and WMI code. 


Reliability and the tenderest service are provided to clients.

1.Landcom supply value-added services to clients and to update the product software free for clients. 

2.Landcom supply all-around response service & to reply clients’ demands in 24 hours.

3.Landcom have more than 20 experienced engineers service & solve problems for clients. 

4.According to the official order quantity and actual situation of importing country, Landcom can build an 

after-sale service station in importing country to service clients. 


1.Landcom donated 6 units FORD ambulance during the SARS crisis in 2003. 

2.Landcom donated some computers to “xiwang” schools in 2003. 

3.Lancom donated 2 units Mercedes Benz ambulances for Wenchuan earthquake disaster in 2008. 

4.Landcom donated 2 units IVECO ambulances for Qinghai earthquake disaster in 2010. 


Office building


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