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Portable Notebook Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Portable Notebook Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine
Detailed description


Portable notebook color Doppler ultrasound machine     

Landcom portable notebook color Doppler ultrasound machine model LD-C5 is widely used for clinical examination and diagnosis, which is suitable for the diagnosis of Abdomen, Cardiac, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Thyroid Gland, Small Organs, Urology and so on.



1. 15’’ LED screen.

2. High definition image.

3. Very thin, light and pretty.

4. 3D/4D imaging(option).

5. B, M, CF, PWD, PD,PDP, THI, TDI, real time M, CWD.

6. Abundant functions, multilingual.

7. Hardisk, USB storage.


Color Doppler

Display mode

Speed display, energy display

Color scanning rate

450px depth, scan range is 85°angle, color full-field, rate of scan frame≥10 frames/sec

Color enhancements

Color Doppler energy diagram, direction speed diagram

Display position adjustment

Interested range of linear array scanning -20°~+20°

Display control

Up/down, left/right flip, color contrast, zero movement

Image mode

B, M, CF, PWD, PD, PDP, THI, TDI, real-time M, CWD

2D and M model

Gray scale


Gain adjustment

Distance from gain compensation≥8 segments

Scanning depth


2D scanning rate

Full-field, 450px depth, rate of scan frame≥30 frames./sec

The image playback reproduce

≥50 frames


B/M, B/D, B/CD, B/D/CD can be displayed on the same screen, and the size of the display range of M-type and PWD image are adjustable.

dynamic video

>10 minutes

Spectrum Doppler

Spectrum Doppler mode

Pulse Doppler PWD, optional continuous Doppler CWD

Highest measuring flow rate

The highest measuring flow rate of unidirectional pulsed doppler≥6m/s; the continuous Doppler unidirectional highest measurement flow rate ≥15m/s

PWD lowest measuring flow rate

≤5mm/s(not noise signals)

Sample volume width and position adjustment

0.5-20mm graded adjustment

Zero mobile




Products’ warranty period is 1 year from the goods delivery.  


Our certificates are as below





1.More than 20 years for manufacturing medical equipments.

2.Tsinghua technology forges the brand of Landcom, and Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and 

Northwest University are the backbones of Landcom R&D center. 

3.Landcom joined Chinese medical instrument industry association and Chinese automobile industry association,

 and became one of the directors. 

4.Landcom passed ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and WMI code. 


Reliability and the tenderest service are provided to clients.

1.Landcom supply value-added services to clients and to update the product software free for clients. 

2.Landcom supply all-around response service & to reply clients’ demands in 24 hours.

3.Landcom have more than 20 experienced engineers service & solve problems for clients. 

4.According to the official order quantity and actual situation of importing country, Landcom can build an 

after-sale service station in importing country to service clients. 


1.Landcom donated 6 units FORD ambulance during the SARS crisis in 2003. 

2.Landcom donated some computers to “xiwang” schools in 2003. 

3.Lancom donated 2 units Mercedes Benz ambulances for Wenchuan earthquake disaster in 2008. 

4.Landcom donated 2 units IVECO ambulances for Qinghai earthquake disaster in 2010. 


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Welcome to get superior and competitive price portable notebook color doppler ultrasound machine for sale with Landcom Medical, a professional distributor and wholesaler in China. As one of the leading manufacturers, we have established reliable cooperative relationships with many companies.

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