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Winter Outdoor Activities

11st. November. 2017, Landcom’s 50 workers went to YunJi ECO Park to plant trees. After 2 hours traveling, we arrived the park, we did not sense any cold, and it greeted us with the fresh air, the blue sky and white cloud.

Before planting, the manager Liu of the YunJi showed the planting process and instructions for us. Then our colleagues took tools and sakura trees to the designated area to start working. Before 13:00 Pm we had planted 2 hundred trees. Everyone was very tired but enjoyed the labor process, the sunshine and the nature.

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After lunch, we followed the guide of YunJi to start travelling the park’s spot, the beautiful scenery let us forget to go home. The winter outdoor activities relaxed ourselves and it was a chance to close to nature, what is more, our team had enhanced mutual understanding. It is a really wonderful activity!

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