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Landcom Employees Went to Taiping National Forest Park

Taiping National Forest Park is located in the northern slope of the main ridge of Qinling Mountains and also in the upper reach of the Taipingyu River, 33 kilometers away from Huxian County, 44 kilometers away from Xi’an , 60 kilometers away from Xianyang, and covers a total area of 6085 hectares. The park consists of five scenic areas, Stone Gate, Yellow Goat Dam, Moon Palace Pound, Qinling Ridge & Birch Woods, with nearly one hundred scenic spots inside.



Landcom Employees Went to Taiping National Forest Park on 3rd, June, 2017. We arrived there at 9:30am, and climbed the mountain in groups. About 2 hours later, some employees managed to reach the top of the mountain. Although mountain climbing was really tiring, but we never gave up. Most of us cherished this opportunity to improve ourselves.


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