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0.35T Open MRI Machine MRI Scanner Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

0.35T Open MRI Machine MRI Scanner Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
Detailed description


0.35T open MRI machine MRI scanner magnetic resonance imaging system       

Landcom 0.35T open MRI machine MRI scanner magnetic resonance imaging system model LD-EXPOTUSII is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to image the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body in both health and disease, it mainly consists of magnet, spectrometer, power amplifier of gradient, RF power amplifier, moving bed and computer system and etc.



1. The adoption of backward transposition unique two-pillar design, high degree of openness, large operation space of doctors, comfortable feeling of the patient .

2. The adoption of permanent magnet, the optimization and compensation treatment of magnetic circuit design. Magnetic material of medium energy density is adopted and 0.35T magnet is in less than 15 tons.

3. The system adopts the low-cost, passive and eliminating eddy current technology. Unique magnet and the magnetic circuit coupled system design of gradient coil make the eddy current standard of system close to active technology.

4. Mechanical optimization design of magnet structure eliminates the tuning fork effect of open cantilever magnet, avoiding the problem of tuning fork effect of open C-type cantilever.

5. Easy installation: Compact magnet makes it easy to find the suitable installation site. Moreover, the whole system needs the area of only 30m², so users will never feel troubled for construction site.

6. The adoption of much unique original time-domain data-processing technology shortens the scan time. It has the unique echo location technique of the combination of sequence and data processing.

7. Imported noise processing technique obviously improves image quality. It adopts mature imported post-processing software, international popular observation methods of doctors, and has various optional observation preferences according to different browse interest of every doctor.

8. Sino-foreign cooperation, Chinese or English clinical image collection, powerful performance of processing software, easy operation, high image resolution, good signal to noise ratio, superior stereovision, and has the functions of 3 D collection and processing, image review and so on. Arbitrary level position is convenient for diagnosis.

9. Complete coil configuration.



Technical parameter

Magnetic induction


Degree of openness


Gradient system

a) Range of field strength: 37mT/m

b) Switchover rate: 75mT/m/s

RF system

Power 5KW

Minimum echo time: 1) Autorotation: 14ms;          2) Gradient: 5ms

Minimum repetition time: 1) Autorotation: 24ms;          2) Gradient: 15ms

Patient bed system

Max operation distance 1700mm, Max load capacity 150KG

a) Dimension of bed surface(L×W×H ):


b) Range of lateral movement:≤240mm

c)Range of longitudinal movement: 1700mm

d)Speed of lateral movement: 80mm-120 mm

e)Speed of longitudinal movement: 80mm-120 mm

Master computer system

a) Dominant frequency of system(CPU): ≥1.8GHz

b)Hard disk: ≥250G

c)Displayer: 1280×1024dot

d) Storage capacity of 250G disk can save over 30000 image files.

e) 650M CD-KW, 5.25inch drive can save over 1000 image files;

Reduced range of image: 0.1time~5times

Matrix quantity of image can consist of 512×512 Matrixes.

Power supply requirements

Sine wave of three phase current 380V±38V,50Hz±1Hz.


device room:10℃~26℃

Photographic studio:20℃~26℃

Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure




Products’ warranty period is 1 year from the goods delivery.


Our certificates are as below





1.More than 20 years for manufacturing medical equipments.

2.Tsinghua technology forges the brand of Landcom, and Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and 

Northwest University are the backbones of Landcom R&D center. 

3.Landcom joined Chinese medical instrument industry association and Chinese automobile industry association,

 and became one of the directors. 

4.Landcom passed ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and WMI code. 


Reliability and the tenderest service are provided to clients.

1.Landcom supply value-added services to clients and to update the product software free for clients. 

2.Landcom supply all-around response service & to reply clients’ demands in 24 hours.

3.Landcom have more than 20 experienced engineers service & solve problems for clients. 

4.According to the official order quantity and actual situation of importing country, Landcom can build an 

after-sale service station in importing country to service clients. 


1.Landcom donated 6 units FORD ambulance during the SARS crisis in 2003. 

2.Landcom donated some computers to “xiwang” schools in 2003. 

3.Lancom donated 2 units Mercedes Benz ambulances for Wenchuan earthquake disaster in 2008. 

4.Landcom donated 2 units IVECO ambulances for Qinghai earthquake disaster in 2010. 


Office building


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