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Why to Choose Landcom’s Blood Donor Bus?

A blood donor bus ( Blood mobile) is a vehicle equipped with everything necessary for a blood donation procedure. Blood donor bus is usually used in public places such as colleges and streets, large employers will donate blood on the bus.

The features of Landcom’s blood donor vehicle are as below:

1. The features of bus chassis.

Landcom’s blood donor car uses China’s famous brand chassis, such as Higer, and Yutong, which also have good reputation in the world. Both Higer and Yutong bus have LHD & RHD steering, which can meet most customer’s demands in the world.

Blood Donor Bus.png 

2. Professional refitting technology.

Secondary treating of foam insulation, rainfall test, flatten floor and overall strengthen rib.

Blood Donor Bus 1.png 

3. Luxurious interior design with high quality medical equipment.

1). With professional medical equipment for blood collection, such as medical refrigerator, blood scale, heat sealing device, centrifuge, adjustable blood collection chair etc.

2). With comfortable interior design , such as it equipped with ultra-violet disinfection lamp, air conditioning, wash sink, rest bench etc.

3). It can be designed and manufactured as customize.  

Blood Donor Bus 3.png 

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