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Why an ICU Ambulance Should be Equipped the Emergency Suction?

Many customers do not understand why ICU ambulance should be equipped the emergency suction?


Let us make clear the function of the emergency suction.


Firstly, emergency suction could clear respiratory secretions;


Second, emergency suction could promote respiratory function and improve pulmonary ventilation


Third, emergency suction could prevention of complications


Now, we think you are aware the importance of the emergency suction for an ambulance.


But what is type emergency suction is suitable for the ambulance?


From a professional standpoint, we recommend an emergency suction for you, below is the specification, please check it.


Emergency suction JX820D



Emergency suction.png 



Product Feature:


1. Adopt oil-free lubrication piston pump, equipped with over flow protection device and air filter;

2. Three power supply modes: AC, DC and inner battery, which is charged by constant voltage and limited current. It can be intermittently and cumulatively charged when connected to AC

100V~240V, 50/60Hz or DC 12V with battery volume indication;

3. JX820D/JX820D-1 can be fixed on the wall, vehicle or the side of wheel chair through a tailor-made bracket;

4. Beautiful plastic case, light and easy to carry.






Max vacuum

≥ 0.08MPa (600mmHg)

Vacuum range

0.02MPa(150mmHg) ~ Max

Flow rate

≥ 20L/min

≥ 20L/min

≥ 20L/min




≤ 65dB(A)

Storage bottle

1000 ml(PC)

1000 ml(PC)

800 ml(PC)

Power supply

~ 100V ~ 240V,50/60Hz;DC 12V

Input power





Battery type


Lead acid battery


Lithium battery


Lithium battery

Battery working time

≥ 30min

≥ 60min

≥ 60min



(1 set):5.5kg/4kg

(2 sets):14kg/9kg

(1 set):4.9kg/3.4kg

(2 sets):12.8kg/7.8kg




Packing dimension

(1 set):40.5cm×20 cm×36cm

(2 set): 43 cm×42 cm×39cm


40.5cm x 20cm x 36cm


If you still have question as the emergency suction, please feel free to contact us.