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Why an ICU Ambulance Should be Equipped Defibrillation Device?

Many customers do not understand why ICU ambulance must equipped defibrillator monitor? Below is the statistics of the survival rate by different emergency treatment for your reference!




After check above data, we think you are aware the importance of the defibrillation device in pre-hospital aid.


But what kind defibrillator is suitable for the ambulance?


We recommend a good type from a professional standpoint, below is the specification of our defibrillator for ambulance.



DM7000 is a defibrillation device, which can meet your clinical needs from Basic Life Support (BLS) to Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).



Screen Type: High-resolution display

Screen Size: 7 inches (17.7 cm) diagonally


Waveform: Biphasic

ECG Monitoring

Patient Connection: 3-lead ECG cable, or 5-lead ECG cable, paddles.


Type: Rechargeable, Ni-MH battery, 12V.

Sp02 Module

Measurement Range: 30~ 100%, +2% between 80%~90%, others +5%


Paper: 50mm thermal.

AED Mode

AED Function: Auto analyze and charge x3 with programmable auto energy level selection,

Manual Mode

Energy Selection: Selectable at 2,5,7,10,20,30,50,70,100,150,200,300,360 joules.

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