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What’s the Merits of Positive Pressure System for Mobile Dental Clinic?

Positive pressure system plays important role in mobile dental clinic, herein we list some practicality and merits of positive pressure system-oil-free compressor for mobile dental vehicle:

oil-free compressor.png 

1. Be able to supply oil-free, odorless, clean, and dry green gas;

Owing to its absence of the usage of oil, the product can generate healthy gas, which is beneficial to both patients and environment.


2. Be able to be maintained with considerable convenience;

Without the using of oil, the product has been privileged in its easy and convenient daily maintenance, comparing with the other compressors.


3. Be privileged in oral medical treatment;

The existence of oil molecules in the gas generated by the traditional compressor is likely to give rise to the deduction of medical effect. Conversely, the oil-free compressor is able to provide oil-free gas.


4. Be privileged in prolonging the service life;

Likewise, the oil molecules existed in the gas is likely to increase the emission of large amount of carbon deposition, which will in return accelerate the fraction of bearing in the hand piece. However, the design of the oil-free compressor could avoid the above-mentioned deficiency.


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