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What's the Merits of Dental Unit for Mobile Dental Clinic?

Landcom’s mobile dental clinic is equipped with SINOL’s dental unit model S2318 , which is a up-linked and down-linked dental unit. The merits of this dental unit are as below:


1. New instrument arm with two sets ball beating ensures turn smooth, accurate

position, hidden joint design, equipped with locking devices.


2.  The Automatic depressurization and pressurization purify water system, and

satisfy the need water and pipeline disinfection, and is equipped with water

alarm prompt device.


3. New Embedded connection box design for Dental chair , power system adopt

Denmark LINAK liner mute motor, the movements are safe and smooth, and

chair in the range of 410mm to 750mm, load is more than 135kg.


4. Integrated health ceramic spittoon, no sharp edges smooth design, 90°rotation, easy four-handed operation.


5. FARO operation lamp from Italy.


6. Upholstery made of soft material with new coupling system for easy replacement.


7. Assistance convenient operation.




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