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What’s the Features of Dental Negative Pressure System for Mobile Dental Vehicle?

Dental negative pressure vacuum suction system is a main part of mobile dental clinic, herein we list some features of it and explain why it is important for dental mobile vehicle:


1. The suction unit is stable, lasting volume and suction power intensity. It could suction the waste liquid in patient month, and ensure the power does not damage the organs of the patient's mouth. The waste liquid from patient month will be separate and filter in out side clinic room. So it is not only reduces the workload of the clean-up, but also to avoid secondary pollution caused by in-office.


2. Gas pass through a special stainless steel filter with multi-channel, filtering accuracy of 0.01 mm. liquid and a mixture of particles through the separation device into the sewer after disinfection rear.


3. Truly adoption the requirements of environmental protection.


4. Equipped with intelligent control system, according to user needs, increase the inverter

system, conditioning operating frequency based on the use of the table in a timely manner, without the water cycle, saving energy,reducing costs.


5. extending the life of the compressor, reducing the amount of configuration of the compressor.


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