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What's the Difference Between Analog X-ray Imaging & Digital X-ray Imaging?

Medical X-ray system include analog X-ray system & digital X-ray system. Many customers don’t know their image principles and don’t know why digital X-ray is much more expensive than analog x-ray. Herein we give you some points to help you to choose a right equipment for your application:


1. Anolog X-ray machine is a kind of X-ray machine which should be used together with cassette,  X-ray film and film developer to get the image out after exposure. In this case, the image will be not so clear as DR and can not be stored for a long time, and to get the images out will take a longer time compared with DR.

2. Digital radiography X-ray machine can get the image directly on the computer of workstation.After exposure, the doctor can get the image within 10 seconds and can also process the  images by themself. If want to get the image out, can use a digital X-ray 

printer to print the image out. No need to use cassette, developer, etc.


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