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What Kind Vacuum Stretcher is Suitable for Ambulance?

As well known, the vacuum stretcher is necessary medical equipment for an ambulance.


But, what kind vacuum stretcher is suitable for the ambulances?


From a professional standpoint, we recommend one vacuum stretcher for you, below is the specification, please check it.

Vacuum Stretcher YXH-7D

Vacuum Stretcher 1.png

Vacuum Stretcher 2.png


Vacuum Stretcher 3.png

Vacuum Stretcher 4.png

Vacuum Stretcher 5.pngVacuum Stretcher 6.png 


Product Description


Specification of Vacuum Immobilization Stretcher Kit:

*This Vacuum Stretcher is made of isolative and cold-resisting PVC.

*You can rapidly and safely adjust the stretcher to be soft or hard by using the double-action pump, which can be easily and quickly operated.

*Can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the body in first aid to avoid second injury caused by disordered moving, such as cervical and vertebral hurt.

*X-ray/MRI examination allowed.

*Can be used in the patient transportation by road, sea and air.

*Specially applicable for first-aid centers, hospitals, schools, the army, gymnasiums and stations, where accidents occur frequently.


Parameters of Vacuum Immobilization Stretcher Kit:



Product Size(L×W×H)

Width head/middle/foot


N.W. G.W.







We think above vacuum Stretcher is perfect for ambulance, If you are interested in itplease contact us without any hesitate!