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What are the Differences Between ICU Ambulance & Transport Ambulance?

Based on configuration of ambulance, ambulance can be divided into several types: transport ambulance, ICU ambulance, pediatric ambulance etc. Transport & ICU ambulance are widely used in each hospitals worldwide.


What are the differences between ICU ambulance and transport ambulance?

1. The Roof of ambulance.

The roof of ICU ambulance is made of Fiber glass or Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP);

The roof of transport ambulance is the original car roof.

ambulance 1.png 

2. Electric system

The power supply line of ICU ambulance is more complex than transport ambulance. The ICU ambulance has operation control panel, transport ambulance don’t have.  

3. Oxygen supply system

The ICU ambulance is equipped with 2 oxygen bottles (2*10L), while the transport ambulance is equipped with 1 oxygen bottle (10L).

4. The medical cabinet.

In general, ICU ambulance is equipped with medicine cabinets, medical cabinets and hanging cabinets. Transport ambulance is equipped with medical cabinets.

ambulance 2.png 

5. Stretcher

ICU ambulance is equipped with 2 sets stretchers, self-lifting stretcher and adjustable scoop stretcher, while transport ambulance only has self-lifting stretcher.


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