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In 2001, 6 units of health care vehicles Shanghai APEC Summit Meeting    

In 2002, 14units of ambulance for Health Bureau of Nanhai city, Guangdong. 

In 2002, 20units of ambulances for China Red Cross 

In 2003, 30units for China Charity federation 

In 2003, 8units for emergency center of LiuZhou city , GuangXi   

In 2003, 88units to Health Department of Guangdong Province 

2002-2004, 38units for the Health Department of  ShenZhen city   

In 2004, 5units of ambulances for UAE client 

In 2005, 23units for the Emergency center of Beijing. 

In 2006, 101units for Emergency center of Beijing and yen loan project of HeBei 

In 2007, 29units for the China Capital Airport. 

In 2007, 56units for the China civil aviation system. 

In 2008, 66 units for 2008 Beijing Olympic games. 

In 2009, 108units for Health Department of Henan province.   

In 2009, 200units of ambulances for the Health Department of Gansu Province.  In 2010, 36units for China military affairs foreign aid project 

In 2010, 12units for Shandong ZhongZhong 

In 2010, 10units for Xi'an World EXPO 

In 2010, 10units for Xi'an Emergency Center 

In 2010, 10units for Ghana client 

In 2010, 12units of military ambulances exported for Uganda client 

In 2011, 20units FORD Transit ambulances for Nigeria clients 

In 2011, 17units for Xi'an City Health Bureau  

In 2011, 5units FORD Transit ambulances for Tianjin port free trade zone 

In 2012, 107units of ambulances for the Health Department of Gansu Province. 

In 2013, 20units GOLDEN DRAGON ambulances for Xi’an Emergency center 

In 2013, 25units Ford ambulances for Health Department of Shaanxi Province. 

In 2013, 10units IVECO ambulances for South Africa

In 2013, 5units Golden Dragon ambulances for Zimbabwe 

In 2013, 61units FORD ambulances for Guangdong Haiqiao Trade 

In 2014  39units IVECO 4X4 Ambulance for Cote d'Ivoire 

In 2014  5units IVECO 4X4 Ambulance for Kenya 

In 2014  2units IVECO 4X2 Ambulance for Sierra Leone 

In 2014  4units FORD 4X2 Ambulance for Peru 

In 2014  3units IVECO 4X2 Ambulance for Cameroon 

In 2014  30units ISTANA Ambulance for Shaanxi Province Health Department 

In 2014  22units FORD Ambulance for Venezuela 

In 2014, 60units IVECO Ambulance for Senegal 

In 2014, 5units Ford Ambulance for Xi 'an Medical College 

In 2014, 5units Ford Ambulance for Lantian health bureau 

In 2015, 3units Foton Ambulance for Chengdu Dirtes technology co ., LTD 

In 2015, 12units Ford Ambulance for Zhengzhou Yukanghui automobile sales co ., LTD 

In 2015, 6units Telemedicine Ambulance for Xianyang center hospital   

In 2016, 7units Ford Ambulance for Zhengzhou Yukanghui automobile sales co ., LTD 

In 2016, 3units Ford Ambulance for Sichuan Dayuan Zhenghe science and technology co ., LTD