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Multifunction Mobile Adult and Pediatric Anethesia Machine Anethesia Workstation

Multifunction Mobile Adult and Pediatric Anethesia Machine Anethesia Workstation
Detailed description


1. Advanced anesthesia machine with high technology,support a variety of patients;

2. Suitable for neonate, pediatric & adult;

3. Meet low flow requirement by multi parameter monitoring;

4. Electronic flowmeter of high accuracy and intuitive displaying;

5. Integrated high temperature sterilization CO2 absorber system,excellent ergonomic breathing circuit,with heating

 and bypass function;

6. Safe & reliable gas system

7. CE marked, meet EU clinical requirement


Dimension: L600*W740*H1368mm


Screen:12.1 inch TFT touch screen

Casters: 10cm diameter, with individual locking brakes at front casters

Two drawers


Electronic Specification

Power supply:AC 220V±10%,50Hz±1%

Battery backup: 4 hours

Power concentration: ≤75VA

Top light

Pneumatic Specification

Pipeline gas input: O2/N2O/Air and supplement O2 supply, input pressure: 0.28MPa~0.6Mpa

Cylinder gas input(optional): Pin indexed yokes for O2, N2O and Air

Pressure gauge: 3 nos. for pipeline. 3 nos. for cylinder(optional)

O2 controls:

●Method: Proportionate decrease of N2O with reduction in O2 flow

●O2 supply failure alarm:O2 pressure lower than 0.14Mpa

●N2O cut off: N2O cutoff with loss of O2 pressure, supply failure alarm when<200Kpa

●O2 flush: 25~75L/min

●Auxiliary O2 flowmeter: 0~15L/min, flow tube indicator

●Flowmeters: Electronic flow measurement with both LED display and digital display or screen

Operational modes: Closed and Semi-closed circuit system

Hypoxic guard system: Mechanical type, provides a nominal minimum 25% concentration of oxygen in O2/N2O


ACGO: ISO 22mm OD and 15mm ID, allows for using third party’s semi-open circuit

CO2 absorbent canister: Quick release type, with volume 1.5L. Automatic CO2 by-pass capability

Bag/ventilation switch: switch for manual/spontaneous ventilation and mechanical ventilation

Integrated Adjustable Pressure Limiting(APL) valve: ≤6kpa

AGSS(optional): Passive Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System


Dual positions

Mounting: Tool-free installation Selectatec compatible with interlock

Agent type: Sevoflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane and Enflurane

Filling type: Pour-fill, Easy-fill and Quick-fill

Ventilator parameters

Patient type: Infant, pediatric and adult

Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled

Ventilation mode: VCV, PCV, SIMV-V, SIMV-P, PSV, STANDBY, Manual/Spontaneous

Tidal Volume: 20ml~1500ml

Pressure range: 5~70cm H2O

Pressure(limit): 5~100cm H2O

Pressure support: 5~60cm H2O

Electronic PEEP:OFF, 3~39cm H2O

Trigger:Flow and pressure trigger

Frequency(f):0~100bpm, SIMV frequency: 4~60bpm

I/E ratio:10:1~1:10

Inspiratory pause: I/E ratio:0~60% of inspiratory time

Inspiratory time: 0.5~5s

Ventilator Monitored Values

Tidal Volume: 0~2000ml

Minute volume: 0~100L

Breathing rate: 0~100bpm

Ppeak:-20~100cm H2O

FiO2: 21~100%

Waveforms: P-T, F-T, CO2-T(optional)

Loop: F-V, V-P

Other Monitored: Pmean, PEEP, Pplat, Pmin, Mvspont, Ratespont, Cdyn, SpO2(optional), Pulse(optional), 

EtCO2(optional), InCO2(optional), N2O concentration(optional), Anesthetic agent concentration(optional), 

Flow of O2/N2O/Air, Total flow


Three level visible audible alarm

High& low limitation for: Pressure, Minute Volume, Breathing rate, FiO2, Tidal Volume, SpO2(optional), 

Pulse(optional), EtCO2(optional), Apnea time, Sustained airway pressure, Alarm mute, AC off, Battery low&

 exhausted, Alarm log, Alarm silence


Products’ warranty period is 1 year from the goods delivery.  


Our certificates are as below





1.More than 20 years for manufacturing medical equipments.

2.Tsinghua technology forges the brand of Landcom, and Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and 

Northwest University are the backbones of Landcom R&D center. 

3.Landcom joined Chinese medical instrument industry association and Chinese automobile industry association,

 and became one of the directors. 

4.Landcom passed ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and WMI code. 


Reliability and the tenderest service are provided to clients.

1.Landcom supply value-added services to clients and to update the product software free for clients. 

2.Landcom supply all-around response service & to reply clients’ demands in 24 hours.

3.Landcom have more than 20 experienced engineers service & solve problems for clients. 

4.According to the official order quantity and actual situation of importing country, Landcom can build an after-sale

 service station in importing country to service clients. 


1.Landcom donated 6 units FORD ambulance during the SARS crisis in 2003. 

2.Landcom donated some computers to “xiwang” schools in 2003. 

3.Lancom donated 2 units Mercedes Benz ambulances for Wenchuan earthquake disaster in 2008. 

4.Landcom donated 2 units IVECO ambulances for Qinghai earthquake disaster in 2010. 


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